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Bath Bombs

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My bath bombs come 6 per pack and are approximately 4 oz. in size, made with skin-loving ingredients like coconut, shea butter and grapeseed oil. Select a single fragrance for all five, or select "Surprise Me!" in the drop down menu, and I will pack random fragrances for you. Some may not be listed as available on here.  You will get to enjoy the same Cowgirl Soapworks smell-goods you like, but get to try out a new scent that you've never had before! 

The bombs are large and plenty fizzy enough to bring that bit of bath time fun for your kids; they are non-toxic, smell amazing, and contain skin safe ingredients - Some may contain colorants, but they will never stain your tub, Which means no mess, and definitely won't clog up your drain! 

Please note: If there are known allergens or sensitivities to certain ingredients, please leave a note at checkout, and I will do my best to substitute or eliminate it from your order!