These are a list of the most common ingredients used, but not limited to:

  •  Olive oil:  Produces a lush and moisturizing bar of soap with a mild, smooth and gentle, creamier lather. Gentle as a soap for infants, elderly, and for those with sensitive skin. Helps relieve dry skin and provides a light, clean feeling.

  • Coconut oil: Creates a hard bar with amazingly rich lather and bubbles!  It controls dryness by hydrating the skin and replacing any moisture lost.  

  •  Exfoliants: I use a wide variation of different exfoliating materials!  Sometimes you may find finely ground coffee, oats, loofah, sugar, salts, orange peel, or peppermint leaves as ingredients in my soaps. 

  •  Shea Butter: Extremely moisturizing. Contains vitamins and fatty acids, shea butter prevents drying and aids in the skin’s natural collagen production - protecting and nourishing the skin. Frequently used to treat dry skin and maintain its natural oils.

  •  Avocado Oil: Loaded with vitamin E and potassium, excellent in non-comedogenic face cleansing. (non-pore clogging) Nourishing and beneficial to the skin - It leaves you feeling light and clean feeling.

  •  Essential or fragrance oils: Some of my soaps are scented with essential or fragrance oils, Fragrance oils are the only "un-natural" item I put in my products, as they are synthetics. If I do add them to my products, it is always within safe usage rates  and completely mild. Essential oils are concentrated plant oils and steam or water extracted,  and are used for therapeutic or medicinal purposes.  

  •  Lye: Completely safe and a common ingredient in handmade soap! The lye is removed through the chemical process called "saponification", and there is  none left in the bars you use.   

  • Colorants:  If I do have. color in my soap, I use mostly carrot, various clays, veggie puree, charcoal, micas, alfalfa powder and other similar materials. All completely skin safe. :)