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"Rawhide" Body Balm (4 oz.)

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Rawhide Body Balm soothes hardworking hands, so your skin don't feel like a sore back hoss all day long! 

Also works great on scrapes, heat rash, tattoos, itchy pregnant bellies, and more! Apply to dry hands before you go ride (grooming can also take a lot out of your hands!)   Ships in a recyclable and reusable plastic jar with screw-on lid. 

You may purchase either a 4 oz or 8.5 oz. size, and each comes with your choice of customizable scent.  Unscented is also available.  

Note: If you cannot decide on a specific fragrance,  just select "Surprise me!", in the drop down list under scent choices

I'll pick a random scent, that way you’ll get the Rawhide Balm that you enjoy, while also getting to discover a new fragrance you may have never tried before!

Please Note:  Since this product is temperature sensitive, it may have a tendency to arrive to you with a softer consistency.  

Just place it inside the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden back up. :)